Code of conduct and ethics

Our code of conduct and ethics provides guidance to all LHC Group employees, contractors and board members on carrying out daily activities within appropriate ethical and legal standards. The code of conduct and ethics was developed to help ensure we meet our ethical standards and comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations. It is a critical component of our overall compliance and ethics program and is an important resource — especially in situations where questions may arise about determining the right thing to do.

The code of conduct and ethics includes the potential consequences to both LHC Group and our employees for failure to comply with all statutes, regulations and guidelines applicable to federal and state healthcare programs. The standards set forth in the code are mandatory and should be applied both in letter and in spirit. The business practices that are addressed in the code include, but are not limited to:

  • awareness of fraud and abuse
  • legal and regulatory compliance
  • quality of care
  • coding and billing
  • conflicts of interest
  • patient information and privacy
  • confidential information
  • workplace conduct and employment practices

All employees and representatives of LHC Group are encouraged to conduct themselves in a way that supports the highest standards of ethics and integrity and to follow the standards set forth in our code of conduct and ethics and our policies and procedures without exception.

Download the LHC Group code of conduct and ethics.