Training and education

All new employees — and all employees on an annual basis — must attend a one-hour orientation on the LHC Group corporate compliance and ethics program. Each employee, including contractors, must receive, acknowledge and attest to the code of conduct and ethics. We also require annual distribution of the code, as well as employee receipt, review and attestation. All attestation surveys are tracked and stored in our compliance information system.

Additional specialized training is offered in areas such as HIPAA, privacy and security, clinical and quality, coding, billing and reimbursement and sales and marketing. Training is delivered through webcasts, online courses and instructor-led sessions. All training is tracked in the company’s learning management system.

We have a full suite of compliance policies and procedures. We perform a routine review and revision of our policies and procedures to stay abreast of both internal and external developments. We also verify that all employees receive and review updated policies and procedures, specifically those that are directly related to job function.

Our compliance policies include a code of conduct related to sales, marketing, education and entertainment activities with physicians and other healthcare professionals. This code establishes rules and procedures governing our employees’ interactions with current and potential referral sources as well as those with the ability to influence or recommend a referral to one of our providers, helping ensure current regulations and laws are followed.