Why choose us?

At LHC Group, we share an unparalleled commitment to patient care and clinical innovation.

Every day, all across the country, our LHC Group family is helping people. There are 10,000 of us, standing shoulder to shoulder, helping the patients in our care live fuller, healthier lives. We do this because helping people is, quite simply, the reason we exist. It’s our purpose.

Our commitment to innovation and service excellence influences every facet of patient care and allows us to help our patients recover to the fullest extent possible. As a leader in post-acute care, we partner with the nation’s leading hospitals and health systems to bring a seamless, patient-centered continuum of care to the communities we serve.

 Clinical highlights:

 Long-term acute care team

Our interdisciplinary team of clinicians delivers a careful balance of specialized medical care and compassionate, personalized attention. Our team includes:

  • Board-certified physicians
  • ACLS-certified registered nurses
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Certified nursing assistants
  • ACLS-certified respiratory therapists
  • Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists
  • Registered/licensed dietitians
  • Registered health information administrators
  • Case managers and social workers

 Direct admission process

We are uniquely positioned to offer patients a safe, seamless transition from physician offices, the emergency department, skilled nursing facilities and/or home health directly to our long-term acute care hospital. Our streamlined direct admission process helps ensure continuity of care.

Respiratory care program

Our commitment to high-quality respiratory care has earned recognition by the American Association of Respiratory Care.  As a result, we rank nationally in patient ventilator weaning success and are proud to offer comprehensive services designed to liberate patients from mechanical ventilation.

Infectious disease management

Many patients arrive at our long-term acute care hospitals with infections or an increased risk for new and recurrent infections due to critical or chronic illness, multiple organ dysfunction or post-surgical complications. We provide high-quality care and treatment for patients facing all types of critical infections and develop comprehensive care plans that focus on the unique needs of each individual.

 Wound care

Some patients require specialized, aggressive care to heal their wounds. Our nurses are extensively trained in advanced, state-of-the-art wound care techniques and are passionate about delivering personalized care to each patient.

 Internal clinical credentialing

At LHC Group, we challenge our clinical team to learn and lead through a comprehensive series of innovative online credentialing tools. As an accredited provider of continuing nursing education, we are proud to usher in a new era of nursing excellence and are committed to advancing the nursing profession through high-quality education programs developed specifically for clinicians.

 Online care community

A strong support system is an important part of healing for both patients and caregivers. Now, patients in our care can easily keep in touch with family and friends online through a private care community.

We’re proud to offer free access to the CareFlash service. It takes just a few simple steps to create a secure, invitation-only website that allows patients to involve loved ones in the recovery process.

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