Heart Failure Management Program
Heart Failure Management Program
VENTRICARE is a new heart failure program that earned the American Heart Association’s first-ever Home Health Heart Failure certification.

Through in-person and virtual visits, daily symptom tracking, and a robust core curriculum, Ventricare teaches patients how to self-manage their disease, reducing the chance of an emergency room visit.

This program is currently available in Lafayette, La.

Why Ventricare?

Our heart failure program is evidence-based, tested, and uses proven methods that focus on patient and caregiver education.¬†Ventricare meets the American Heart Association’s rigorous clinical standards for treating heart failure patients, and is built to streamline care coordination between cardiologists, hospitalists, primary care providers, and home health agencies.

Ventricare provides:
  • 1:1 education about heart failure, including:
    • How it affects the body
    • How it’s treated
    • Implementing lifestyle changes
  • Skilled nursing in the home, performed by clinicians who must complete continuing education specifically focused on heart failure care
  • Virtual care from centralized RNs who specialize in heart failure
  • Bluetooth-connected remote patient monitoring devices to track daily vitals
  • Real-time data and patient updates for referring physicians
  • Post-discharge check in calls