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Our unique culture is an indispensable part of our reputation and drives our sense of accountability as a leading healthcare provider. It informs and influences our decisions and, by default, the way our entire organization operates each and every day. Most importantly, it is a legacy that each and every one of us is responsible for preserving and passing on.

As we represent LHC Group, we will be judged by how we conduct ourselves, how we treat the people we touch, and the quality of our service. The duty to live up to our shared standard of excellence is a profound responsibility. It’s a responsibility we are prepared to meet and exceed – thanks to a unique company culture that started 25 years ago , with a few concerned citizens, and became ingrained at every level of a leading national healthcare company.

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The LHC Group Difference

LHC Group started with one simple decision — to accept responsibility and voluntarily care for a few needy and vulnerable individuals in one small community. Our founders wanted to make lives better by providing vital healthcare services with a focus on quality, service to people first, and genuine empathy.

While our size and scope have changed, our values remain rooted in those foundational principles of community, family, and service. We are proud  of our enduring adherence to this set of standards and consider it one of our organization’s most distinguishing features. It has allowed us to achieve a level of excellence recognized throughout our industry.

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Our Culture

With an unwavering commitment to integrity, quality, professionalism, compassion, equity, and inclusion, we make healthcare work better for the patients, families, and diverse communities we are privileged to serve.
It’s all about helping people.

Patient Spotlight

Mr. Rice had to have emergency abdominal surgery and experienced complications that led to a severe decline in his health overall. Mr. Rice said “The image in the mirror was not recognizable…”

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Family Spotlight

Brig. Gen. Robert J. LeBlanc is a native of Abbeville, Louisiana. In 1943, he volunteered for duty with the Office of Strategic Services – a predecessor of our modern CIA – and served as a special operations liaison officer…

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DE & I

Our DE&I initiatives are a great way to help ensure more opportunity and equity, help improve the quality of life for as many people as possible, and improve the overall health of our society.

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