Hospice Care:
Is it time?
You can expect a call from our hospice representative within 24 hours

If you need assistance before that time, please contact us at 844.464.0411

Making the move from palliative care to hospice care—or reaching out for the first time for any kind of serious illness care, including hospice care—is emotional and difficult. You may ask: Is the time right? Where do I begin? Who can I turn to? What will happen?

We are here to help—with answers and guidance. We invite you to take this short quiz to determine if you or a loved one are eligible to receive hospice or end of life care. Please know that a hospice evaluation is free and anyone can refer a person to hospice.

Hospice Quiz

Are you or a loved one:

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Living with a doctor’s diagnosis that life expectancy is limited?
Taking medications to alleviate physical pain?
Unable to do one or more of the following without help? (eating, dressing, walking, bathing, getting out of bed)
Calling/seeing a physician often?
Being admitted to the hospital or taken to the emergency room frequently? (especially in the last 6 months)
Feeling weaker and more tired—sleeping often?

By hitting submit you consent to being contacted via email or phone regarding your results. If you decide you do not want to be contacted, please email HOH-admissions@lhcgroup.com.