Advanced Care

There was a time when primary healthcare providers visited patients in their home. With our in-home advanced care services, LHC Group is once again providing this specialized level of care for patients who are homebound and have limited mobility.

What is Advanced Care?

In-home advanced care offers quality healthcare for patients who are unable to visit the doctor’s office – in the comfort and familiarity of their home or facility.

For patients transitioning to home from a hospital discharge, or dealing with chronic and acute illnesses, our advanced care nurse practitioners provide added safety, education, and early identification of possible complications.

Home visits help integrate and coordinate the steps in a patient’s transition from the hospital, their recovery from an illness, or in the phase between being homebound and recovering mobility. We help meet their healthcare needs until they are able to return to their physician’s office.

In-home advanced care is an effective solution for patients who have difficulty traveling. Our team of clinicians provides reassurance for patients and their families, and helps avoid hospital readmissions.

Advanced care services may include:
  • Primary care
  • In-home lab services/X-rays
  • Post-hospitalization visits
  • Wound care visits
  • Medication management

The LHC Group Difference

We are about Person Centered care.

LHC Group’s in-home advanced care teams are focused on delivering quality care at a personal level. We get to know the people we serve, and design our care around each patient’s specific needs. The local communities we serve – and the patients and families who are our neighbors – are the top priority in everything we do.

Ready to Talk With Someone?

LHC Group’s advanced care locations are staffed by caring professional clinicians who are dedicated to delivering quality care and helping patients achieve optimum health.

We Care About People

Because people are far more than their medical conditions.

We are about Person Centered care. That means knowing the people we serve, understanding their needs, and tailoring healthcare to ensure the best journey possible.

We Provide the Best Care Available

And are passionately committed to making it better every day.

We lead the industry in quality ratings but that is not enough for us. We’re committed to establishing a new standard of clinical excellence and outstanding service in all we do.

We Embrace the Communities We Serve

Because the best care happens where in the context of strong relationships.

We empower our clinicians and staff to build the kind of relationships in our communities that ensure quality, consistency, and stability in all 
that we do.

What Does Advanced Care Cost?

Advance care services are typically covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most other insurances in the same manner office visits are covered, with the same traditional deductibles and co-pays. Coverage will depend on network status.

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