Physician FAQ – How We Help Your Patients Bring Healing Home

Home Health Services

Do your patients need help managing their medications?

We teach patients how to safely take the right dosage at the right time and frequency. Our nurses supervise each patient’s medication schedule and provide proper documentation of compliance.

Do your patients need help understanding their disease or condition?

Our clinicians thoroughly educate patients about their disease or condition. We help empower patients to self-manage and identify red flags that may cause exacerbation.

Are your patients making healthy food choices?

We provide nutrition management through clinical guidance and dietary education. Our team of healthcare professionals can help ensure dietary compliance is met and documented.

Do your patients need their treatment progress monitored?

Using a multidisciplinary approach, our team monitors and documents patient compliance with your treatment orders.

Are your patients at risk for falls?

Our physical therapists can help your patients understand physical risks and limitations and coach them to be safe at home.

Home care benefits your patients.

For your patients, one of the most important benefits of home care is the healing effect of receiving medical care in the home. Your patients can rest and recover in a familiar setting. We work closely with family members and caregivers to teach valuable skills to supplement a formal at-home program of care.

Home care benefits you.

Home health care is an effective and cost-efficient solution for many patients. With home care, you can trust that the plan of care you prescribe is followed thoroughly and accurately and that each patient receives high-quality, compassionate care from our trained home care professionals.

Our professional staff includes:
  • Registered nurses
  • Home health aides
  • Therapists
  • Licensed practical nurses

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