Scorecard Request

The process of creating the balanced scorecard was to develop interrelated measures, some leading and some lagging, that will uniquely depict LHC Group’s strategy in attempting to create competitive advantage. These measurements include quality, admissions/readmissions, ER visits (non-admit) and re-certifications. It was designed to focus attention on a handful of measurements that are critical for your local agency’s success.

This particular scorecard allows you to see how your agency compares to the top three competitors in your area. Based on the results of this information, the overall Medicare Savings per admit is computed and can be found at the bottom of the scorecard. This can either be a negative or a positive number. The goal is to have positive savings versus negative. If, for some reason it is a negative dollar amount, you will want to identify which areas at the top of the scorecard have “red” areas. Those are areas that your agency will need to improve upon. As those areas improve, so will the overall Medicare Savings per admit.

Please use your discretion wisely when presenting this information to your referral sources. It is intended to be utilized as a resource or speaking tool rather than an actual handout. If you have any questions on how to utilize the scorecard, please feel free to reach out to your Sales Leader or Market Intelligence team.

Sample Scorecard