A Mother’s Love for Hospice

“There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between a mother and a son.”
-Author unknown

Hospice of Central Arkansas – Hot Springs, Ark.

Hospice of Central Arkansas in Hot Springs, Ark., recently received a letter from the mother of a patient. The Hot Springs hospice team had cared for her 42-year-old son. She wrote:

  • “From the moment I breathlessly entered your office, quite lost and more than a bit frantic about being able to care for my son, the attention you paid to me and the confidence inspired by everyone’s calmness and skills made all of the difference. Each of you had an amazing ability to read between the lines of the words that spilled out in abundance. Thank you a million times, Jackie Estorga, PCMA, Angie Riley, ED, and Dr. Roper, medical director, for taking care of the enrollment, writing of medical orders, and rapid dispatch of help for me and my son.”
  • “Chaplain Chris Rodgers, you were a God-sent support at the right time. I could see the peace in my son once you visited with him and prayed with/for him. You were his soul support and I am so grateful.”
  • “Jacob Hefley, RN, we got extra lucky with you. You understood that last day how important it was to me (because I knew it was what he would want) to shave off that monster of a beard. No one else would have understood how much it meant to him to use that lovely and very expensive brush, cream soap, and new razor that his tremors had prevented him from using. His terrified mother would have never found the nerve to clean up his out-of-control beard. People need your kindness and calm manner.”
  • “Dearest Lori Hefley, MSW, thank you for just being there for me. Those hugs came when I needed them. And the blessing of getting me help with his cremation… you will never know how much that restored my faith in kindness and genuine caring.”
  • “Chris Labbe, RN, I love that you want the best for Veterans. Wear away resistance like a drip of water on a rock, until you get things back in the correct order.”
  • “Barbara Cannon, RN, I will always treasure our little couch discussion where you so straightforwardly asked me what I would say if I were you! That was exactly the right question for me. And you came – and you came right away and you stayed.”
  • “I know that there are others, please forgive me for not remembering your names. I do remember you and I am so very grateful that you all made his trip out of here so peaceful and honorable.”

Clearly, this mom was struggling with the illness and eventual death of her son. The entire team in Hot Springs worked together to not only take care of her son with dignity and respect, but they also cared for and supported her through a very difficult time.

This team is has truly found their “WHY” by providing compassionate, caring, and excellent care to the patients and families they serve. Thanks to Jackie, Angie, Dr. Roper, Chris, Jacob, Lori, Chris L., Barbara, and the rest of the Hospice of Central Arkansas team! You are all our Hospice Heroes!