COVID Vaccine Testimonials

I chose to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine because we were hit so hard in the hospital with many people very, very sick. Our staff was sick, and I’d seen how quickly it could spread. And I wanted to do anything that I could to make it stop and to help us get back to normal life.

I chose to get vaccinated because my biggest fear is bringing something from the hospital home to my family. If I were to bring something home to my kids or my husband, I think that would really devastate me.

Also, it just was better for the community here in Lafayette. We got hit really hard and the more people who get vaccinated, the more likely we are to develop herd immunity.

I think getting vaccinated gave me some peace of mind. I feel more comfortable going out now. I still mask up just to be extra safe. I think it just kind of freed me a little. I feel like I can go out now because I have this extra layer of protection.

I feel more comfortable being around elderly family members. My mother-in-law is 80 years old, and she had heart surgery last year. So, all during COVID I was very afraid to be around her, didn’t see her very much at all. And young children, my grandchildren, I have two under the age of two, and I feel more comfortable being around them now.

I came on to this role, too, and into LHC at a time where staff meetings were not allowed to be held in person. So, being able to re-establish those connections with people in person because we have protected ourselves and protected those, you know, other members of our agency, it’s been great for that connection and communication, too.

I would just encourage everyone to get it, because it’s the only way we move forward and move out of this. It is very safe. I personally don’t know anybody that had a very negative reaction to it. Just a little soreness in your arm, just like a flu vaccine.

We should really consider getting it, like for the community. Let’s do it for our friends and our family members. We don’t want to always keep wearing masks to go out anywhere.

The more people who do get vaccinated, the less likely we are to spread it and more able to contain this virus.

And then you can feel safe, you can feel comfortable. And we can move out of this together.

Getting the vaccine is good for you, your family, and your community, too.

So I just encourage everybody to find it in your heart to go out here and get the vaccine.