The Car of Her Dreams

“There are memories that time does not erase.”
-Cassandra Clare

St. Mary’s Hospice of Northern Nevada – Reno, NV

St. Mary’s Hospice of Northern Nevada in Reno, Nev., recently had a 103-year-old patient who was sharing some of her fondest memories with Judy Landis, chaplain. She talked about the car that she was able to drive as a teenager and how she often shuttled her friends to school and church. Judy happened to have a friend that had the exact same car that had been restored. She contacted her friend and was able to have the car brought to the patient’s home. They did a fun photo shoot and the patient was able to relive some wonderful memories.

Doing a life review and recalling memories is important to our patients (and their families) as they face the end of life. Many thanks to Judy for helping her patient relive one of her fondest memories.