William Bud Barrow

“Healthcare for most of the twentieth century was based on inpatient hospital based care. Today, healthcare means so much more and increasingly is not about the hospital. It is about the entire continuum.

What has been consistent through each of my joint ventures with LHC has been several things. The character of the company. The integrity of the leadership. I think next has been the competency. They have brought a skill where they understand the business in a much more intrinsic and even intuitive way than any of the folks with a hospital based background could ever have. And then third, their culture by itself is terrific and blends really well distinctly different cultures.

But the LHC commitment to healing ministry, if you will, a care for people being at the center of almost all that they do allows it to fit almost seamlessly into any pre-existing culture. Particularly, as LHC grew, and we found this with our Lady of Lourdes experience, the capitol. The ability to invest in people, invest in those things necessary for a winning formula. And that’s one of the great blessings LHC now has and in this case, LHC brings the entire continuum with them, which I think is incredibly important.

Whether we are dealing with clinically integrated networks, whether we are dealing with ACOs, where we’re dealing with various manage care incentives, we’re going to have a fixed dollar amount that needs to care not just over one episode, but over a continued pattern of healthcare. And LHC has those components.”