Make your recovery a reason to celebrate! We help build strength and increase the likelihood of effective outpatient therapy – in addition to improving communication between patient and doctor and reducing stress for everyone.

The road back to full function is tough, especially when you’re navigating with new equipment. After joint replacement surgery, it’s important to get your recovery off to the right start. Rediscover the life of movement you remember – as soon as possible.

Take the next step with one simple program – Total Therapy – Orthopedic.

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Why Total Therapy – Orthopedic?

Total Therapy – Orthopedic is a tested and proven program with experienced clinicians who specialize in the issues orthopedic patients deal with before and after surgery. Our team gives patients confidence as they approach their procedure, and expert guidance and clinical oversight in the vitally important period between surgery and recovery – adding a personal touch and reassurance through every step of their joint replacement recovery.

When ordered by a provider, Total Therapy – Orthopedic:
  • Provides one-on-one treatment at home
  • Improves recovery outcomes
  • Helps patients feel confident and comfortable as they rediscover a life of movement