Hospice Care

Hospice Care

In-home, end-of-life care provided by attentive and caring professionals.

Hospice professionals provide the emotional, spiritual, and medical support needed when patients are facing the final stages of life.

The goal is to help patients live comfortably, with dignity, when a cure is no longer possible. For many hospice patients, the familiarity of home offers a great sense of comfort and security. Hospice care can be provided in any place a patient calls home, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Hospice Care Helps With

  • Counseling and bereavement support services
  • Medical treatment to address symptoms, with special emphasis on controlling pain and discomfort
  • Maximizing quality, relationships, and experiences at the end of a patient’s life
  • Specialized care for veterans
  • Dedicated volunteers for assistance and support
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