Falls happen fast. And when you’re on the floor, the “why” no longer matters. Our clinicians are trained experts in identifying overlooked home hazards.

We can help you safeguard your home – and put you and your loved ones on firmer footing – with Total Therapy – Balance.

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Why Total Therapy – Balance?

Total Therapy – Balance is an all-inclusive program of assessment and treatment designed to take the fear out of living with the possibility of a fall. Different than traditional therapy addressing musculoskeletal systems and gait training, Total Therapy – Balance is a multisensory approach based in providing confidence in movement, improved functional ability, and fall risk management by addressing the four systems of balance: vestibular, vision, somatosensory, and musculoskeletal.

When ordered by a provider, Total Therapy – Balance:
  • Provides one-on-one treatment at home
  • Identifies overlooked home hazards that could contribute to a fall
  • Helps reduce the fear of falling