Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, LHC Group is a leading national provider of post-acute healthcare services with approximately 30,000 employees operating more than 780 locations in 37 states. We provide high-quality care to patients through our home health, hospice, personal care, and facility-based services.

LHC Group is the joint venture partner of choice for over 75 health systems nationwide, consisting of more than 330 hospitals. Working with our hospital and health system partners, we help seamlessly transition patients from the acute to the post-acute setting – bringing a patient-centered continuum of care to the communities we serve together, reducing avoidable readmissions, improving clinical outcomes, and enhancing operational performance.

Our company was founded in 1994 as a single home health agency in small-town America, with a mission to serve the neediest and most vulnerable members of the community. Those values and priorities still form the core of our company culture.

Our focus is on moving our industry forward. We encourage and nurture a culture of innovation, and we are determined to lead our industry and our peers in finding ways to adapt, overcome obstacles, and improve service in a healthcare system that is always changing. We will improve the quality of life in the United States by transforming the delivery of healthcare services.

We remain committed to providing high-quality service and driving the best industry practices at an individual and community level. Most importantly, our people at the local level are always empowered to make decisions that benefit their community.​

Celebrating our Purpose
Hear how LHC Group has grown to serve post-acute healthcare needs across the country.